Wednesday, March 16, 2005

His sign read..."broke, stranded, will work for food"

I used to write so that you could read my thoughts...but not anymore...I write today because my thoughts are beating so hard against the walls of my mind that there must be some place for them to go.

A man standing on a cement slab in the middle of a busy intersection...his sign read stranded and broke, will work for food. My car drove by as my mind stopped. I looked in the rearview mirror as if only to picture myself sitting on the slab with him. I heard the voices of my mom, "never stop and pick up a hitchhiker or any male on the side of the road...never stop alone." Her words ring true in this American society we live in today where guns are payback, knives break open the tears and robbery is the path of getting what one deserves.

But why? Why couldn't I stop and help him, why couldn't I talk to him...what couldn't I help him out...why did I have to be one more car that went racing by him...he'll never know that my heart is still there with him. Why?

Reality is I can't even trust the church, so what makes me think I can trust a man in the road. But I sure believe that he would have been more grateful, kinder and more loving than what I experienced inside the doors of the church...even if he did pull a gun on me...would it really hurt as bad as what I'm feeling now. The places we're instructed to feel safe in are hoaxes...only designed to let our guards down so the attack is more brutal...the places that we're designed to fear, only keep us from pursuing the way God designed life to become.

Truth is...I'm that man on that cement path that everyone keeps passing by...broken, poor, stranded and willing to work for some food...some spiritual food. I'm right there with him and i've seen the world pass me by.... He has a story...I have a story...there not the same...but somehow our hearts met as I drove past him and he silently stared at my tail lights. His heart said I'm broke and stranded and hungry and my heart said the one passing moment we both knew the other could help us...but we both knew that I'd never stop my car...


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