Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Court Room....

Today I sat in a court room all afternoon. Let me tell you, I walked out of the court room angry...but my anger developed from earlier seeds.

I'm going into social work because after reading about the ministry of Jesus, I see a social worker...I see Jesus clearer in His actions. More than anything I want to try to help people in a way that would make Jesus smile and cry and all the emotions that He feels. Not so I can be appreciated but so people can find Jesus ...the people who are scared of the church.

Today I walked on of court feeling a feeling that was all too common to me. That feeling was one of heartache as I realized that this world is no easy place. I saw two grown ups unable to communicate in an effective fashion...I saw a battle take place of the best for children, I saw a judge caught up in his wealth and never imagine what it is to live a poor life with a mental disorder. I saw a judge feel little empathy or offer any encouragement to second chances.

Today I walked out of the courtroom feeling much like I did that dark day I will never forget. That day I was torn, broken, shattered and alone. That day when I stepped from the door that held my heart and faced the streets alone...that day that wasn't all that long ago...that day came flooding back...and tears formed in my eyes as I pondered why I'm really going to do this.


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