Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Grandma is in the hospital...my mom just told me to sit tight and do my homework...that is so easy for her to say and impossible for me to do...I'm offically going stir crazy. I can't stand not being there...I can't stand not see how she is myself...I can't stand not seeing her smile. Two years ago when she was in the hospital and my mom was in KY ...I came to the hospital everyday for a month and I remember one Sunday I skipped church and went to sit with grandma...I walked into the room and she had tears running down her face...no one had came to shower her or comb her hair, no one brought her ice for her water and no one opened her shades. I came in and fixed her up, brought scissors and gave her a hair cut, got her showered and changed and we sat together all day...it was the best church service ever...I love my grandma...I want to know that these things are done for her...I want her to know that I'm there. I really want to drop my classes and go sit with grandma...but i have two weeks left...I've got to hold on...but I need to be there.


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