Monday, April 11, 2005

What in the hell has happened to the church?

I found myself listening to a minister who has dearly impacted my life this year even though this in the only time I've met him in person. Don Hatfield played an essential part to my ability to keep pressing forward through the Rantoul nightmare. Don used to be the minister of RCC...yet through tears, gritted teeth and sadness he too walked out of the church and the ministry. It took Don several months to get his heart put back together and he went forward to ministry.

I asked him last night what allowed him to do this for 52 years once experiencing the similar hell I went through at Rantoul. He said something I'll never forget... he said...Lynn this Word keeps me going...I've taught this Word, I've never watered it down or sugar coated it, I've taught it...I've done what God has instructed me to do and I've loved the impossible. That's what keeps me going.

I heard that and thought about myself...I know what he means...but I'm just not there. It took Don 8 mon to go back to ministry after RCC and he had been in ministry 50 years at that point...I'm new and hurt so it's gonna take me at least that time if not longer.

Don then told a few things about a minister here in town that I've heard so much good about. Chris is an amazing man of God from the stories I've heard from those who know him. Yet, he was pushed from his church, locked out, and left with the pain of abandonment to deal with.

I know how he feels, I know the hurt...I know because it's so deep within my heart. But the bigger question is...what in the hell is going on? How do these churches believe that this is remotely what the church is supposed to be about...what is wrong with people and why are the Christian people hurting other Christians so deeply. Don't they understand that we're supposed to have like hearts and like minds...don't they understand when they hurt a Christian they hurt the Kingdom! Don't they see that they are tearing down the soldiers of God...the battle for me at least is no longer with the's more with other Christians. We're killing our own and leaving them to die in the pool of criticism...what's wrong with today's church?


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