Thursday, June 22, 2006

So it's been a long time-- I'm not sure anyone even reads this blog anymore....regardless...I felt the need to update...maybe because I'm bored and lacking motivation to get ready for work quite yet -- maybe because I haven't updated in a long time...regardless -- here it is.

So the update:

On August 4th I will officially have a masters degree -- I walked in the ceremony in May though...odd. I'm applying for jobs -- we'll see...I'm finishing my internship up -- which may possibly lead way to a job there -- we'll see. I'm taking a bunch of exams and want to start my PhD work next fall --which is not this coming fall -- hence looking for jobs.

I'm an aunt now -- a beautiful Kentucky neice I have -- I'm going to see her this weekend.

I'm dating a particularily interesting and great guy.

I'm leading worship at a church on the other side of the state every weekend -- not for money but because I learned a lesson a few years's better to volunteer in a church than be employed by the church -- and I learned an even more important lesson -- I learned what the church is really supposed to look like -- at least as much as my humanity can grasp that. I'll have to say that this church has done more for me than I could ever believe possible -- but it's safe to say -- deep down, beneath the layers of strength and callous belief, sits a weak entity --afraid to really be a part of a church -- so maybe that there is the reason I drive 2 hours every Sunday to church...maybe because I know no other way to pull that weak entity out of it's strong outer shell and move in another direction.

So that's the new stuff --


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